"Dedicated to helping children succeed, not only on stage, but in life."


We  welcome students who have a  TRUE DESIRE  to pursue the arts and can make a commitment every Saturday for 14-16 weeks.


The only requirements for acceptance into the Program are:


1)  Newcomers must be aged 8-14 (although special exceptions have been made

     in the past).


2)  The Program is designed for children from lower socio-economic backgrounds

     who have been the victims of some sort of trauma.


3)  No experience or previous training is required. BEGINNERS ARE WELCOME.


4)  Parents or caregivers must commit to get the children to the Program on time

     every Saturday.


5)  Children and parents or caregivers MUST attend a mandatory Orientation at

     the beginning of each 14-16 week Session.



 If you would like to enroll your child, please contact All About Kids using

  the CONTACT PAGE on this website to obtain Registration Information.


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